Son Monarcas is an organization in collaboration with Nahui Ollin Dance & MAGI Cultural Art Center. Together they are committed to quality education programs for children and adults of all ages. 

Son Monarcas teaches and performs for children, unfolding a world of experience students of all backgrounds in the context of Mexican traditional music and dance. They have worked with various schools, utilizing English, Spanish and bilingual programs designed especially for kids and mindful of the State Illinois Education Goals for Music and Dance.

Chicago Public School Vendor

Educational Presentations​

Son Monarcas presents a dynamic performance of traditional and authentic Mexican music and dance at school workshops and assemblies, as well as in community settings.These performances may be presented in connection with educational curriculum such as language studies, geography, history, art, and math to create a more meaningful connection to the music and the culture for our audience.


Millennium Park - Family Fun Festival 2015

Group/Private Classes Available

  • Cultural Immersion: Music from various regions of Mexico

  • Music from South America

  • Music from North America

  • Zapateado (foot tapping-Ballet Folkorico)

  • Aztec drumming

  • Aztec Dance

  • General Music: Theory, Reading, Playing

  • Piano

  • Violin : Huasteco/Michoacan

  • Guitar

  • Voice : English and Spanish

  • Bass

  • Accordion

  • JaranaJarocha & Requinto Jarocho

  • Hapanguera