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Partners Son Monarcas & Nahui Ollin - Aztec Dance are approved Chicago Public School vendor agencies. Together we are committed to providing quality arts programs for students of all ages with a focus on cultural education through the arts. We have instructors that have been teaching for many many years and know how to inspire the next generation through cultural arts. We teach and perform for all ages, unfolding a world of experience for students of all backgrounds to learn about world cultures, language, geography, history, math, and more through the arts, with a specialty in Latin traditional music and dance. We have worked with a multitude of schools over the years, utilizing English, Spanish and bilingual programs designed for all ages and mindful of the State Illinois Education Goals for Music, Dance, Visual Art, and Theatre.


Son Monarcas & Nahui Ollin are willing to work with your school budget to find what works best for your students and make the most out of our time whether it be an educational performance, concert, workshop, or residency.

Educational Presentations & Teaching Artist Residencies​

Son Monarcas & Nahui Ollin can present dynamic performances and provide residencies of traditional and authentic Mexican music and dance at school workshops and assemblies, as well as in community settings. These performances may be presented in connection with educational curricula such as language studies, geography, history, art, and math to create a more meaningful connection to the music and the culture for our audience.

Chicago Public School Vendor

Educational Performances
Son-Monarcas-Educational PROMO.jpg
"Butterfly Fandango" by Son Monarcas​


Come along with the musicians and dancers of Son Monarcas as they showcase traditional music and dance from Latin America. The program "Butterfly Fandango" explores the Indigenous, African, and Spanish influences on the movement, rhythms, and melodies of Latin America. The audience will enjoy the collection of songs and dances featuring traditional authentic instruments from all over Latin America. Dance includes Aztec drum and dance and zapateado (foot tapping) from Mexico. This lively, interactive performance engages audiences of all ages with energetic renditions of traditional music, and even a familiar melody that the students and teachers will all recognize and love. The program is very interactive throughout and aims to teach about the geography, history and culture of Mexico through the arts, always ending with time for questions and answers from the audience.


"Butterfly Fandango"

Workshops / Residencies​
Year-long School Residencies/ Group/ Private Classes Available


 World Music Programs - Teaching Artist residencies

Cultural Immersion: Music from Latin America & around the world

General Music: Theory, Notation Reading, Playing

Musical Instruments:

Percussion, Voice / Choir, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Mandolin, Piano, Accordion, Bass

Mexican traditional instruments:

Jarana Jarocha, Requinto Jarocho, Huapanguera and Mexican Harp


Voice & Diction, Choir, Acting, Movement, Writing, Scene study, Viewpoints

>Visual Arts<

 Painting, Drawing, Murals & Crafts


Zapateado(foot tapping-Ballet Folkorico) & Aztec dance

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